Major 7 (R,5,7,3)

The root position major 7 arranged Root, 5th, 7th, and 3rd (low to high) has three shapes that we can use. We can play them on the low four, middle four, and high four strings. Line up the lowest note, in this case the root note, to the pitch that you are looking for.
Major 7 (R,5,7,3) on the low four strings:
maj7 r573 Low Four Diagram
Major 7 (R,5,7,3) on the middle four strings:
maj7 r573 Middle Four Diagram
Major 7 (R,5,7,3) on the high four strings:
maj7 r573 High Four Diagram The chord shapes are different because of the guitar tuning. Fourths between all strings except for one major third between the third and second strings.